Demo '17

by Crashie Tunez



Testing out a few new sounds. this might not be up for long, so get it while you can!!! ;D


released July 11, 2017



all rights reserved


Crashie Tunez Queen Creek, Arizona

Taking Nintendocore/Cybergrind Music to a whole other level!
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Track Name: The Demon's Calling
"History so lost in time
the encrypted waves never collide
souls pleading for an unjust divide
amongst the pure-hearted and so-called divine"

you are a perfect image yet so lost in a void of unclean paradise
what will you hold dear when these parasites
Every little inch of once-pure flesh
Will you scream when the venom sinks into you?
Ultraviolet madness, Instantaneous dissections begins

Show your warn-out colors
as I display mine
Track Name: Necrophenominon
Mind collapsing - decomposing lie the remains of my victims surrounding
demanding more, unwatched horror
the axe serves as my place as Defiler

yet how did it come, how did it come to this?

unseen stalker in the rain
theses unholy deeds upon the shrine
undetected from behind

intoxicate, eradicate
these hands become what I hate
what i hate!

awakened in a daze, I cannot recall a single thing
yet this sudden guilt emerges, slowly with caution I come to my senses

From what I could gather, we turned on each other
such a fucking disaster

When sending the dead back to death!