Kitty Bitz

by Crashie Tunez



"Kitty Bitz" was originally recorded in March, it was delayed due to me trying to get it released through KOF Records. Unfortunately, the admin didn't want anything to do with me.
Senpai Suicide Club (one of the admins) was the one who originally contacted me to do something for a split, which I agreed to fully. I released "Glitched", which he put on the label for a good couple weeks. It was deleted in command of Ruby [the head of the label]. She added me as a friend insisting I could join the label if my project name was changed. At first I didn't think anything of it and went with it. "Heiwa Dreams" was what I came up with, she agreed to that.
After we talked about the release I got a lot of messages from friends saying how this wasn't a good Idea. My point of few changed when Ruby flat out ignored me the next day, spamming weird museum anime photos whenever I tried to message her. I contacted Elen and Keef about it and basically said it wasn't worth it. Keef was around during the Myspace days and said that the label always caused shit with everyone. I was shocked to hear this, especially a label who has some of the most craziest artists I've seen at their grasps.
2 days into this wave and Ruby posts on my timeline saying how, I quote, "You are simply too weird..." end quote.
Eventually she unfriended me after fuming up at her over this sudden "issue".
Despite all this bullshit, I am happy that I have such loyal friends who have helped me through this mess: Elen, Keef, Mike, Chase, ect. You all are amazing and supportive <3

On a final note, I hope you enjoy this ep that's been bleeding to be born. If you download the full ep, you will receive additional album art and the "Glitched" single that was taken down.


released May 22, 2017



all rights reserved


Crashie Tunez Queen Creek, Arizona

Taking Nintendocore/Cybergrind Music to a whole other level!
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Track Name: Galactic Penetration
Once Intertwined with the world at your feet
Now you reek of lies - deny all you preach

Where did your faith run away to?
Answer me for I am Him

I number the bottles you lay wasted with
If I was to appear would you grant my wish?
Child, I cry from above
Let me back into your heart
(I'll reinvent true love)
Track Name: Millennial Damage
Time has altered, nothing changed
minds corrupted, self-contained
shattered faith, devoid of rest
feed this tyrant - construct his grand request

(Praise!) Idiocy - such catastrophe
Track Name: Corrupted [Circuit Breaker Part 2]
Unearthly makeups - consists unknown origin
A machine none have ever seen
Viruses appear as its body squirms
Those chains that held it tight are reduced to
I'm standing, I'm breathing - my eyes see your world

The information gathered confirms my authority
10 years - a decade in surrounding silence

Drained out movement, self-containment
tears to pure red, God have me dead