Message From the Stars

by Crashie Tunez



released May 14, 2017



all rights reserved


Crashie Tunez Queen Creek, Arizona

Taking Nintendocore/Cybergrind Music to a whole other level!
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Track Name: Measure
A simple mind out of time
learning and adjusting to the new-breeding ground
she tries to shield scars unhealed
drenched in blackened silk - vows left untold

will this be the end?
(the shadows she called friends)
now forever shattered by daylight
how could she measure up while they cry from beyond her moonlight?

awaken our moonlight!
Track Name: Bloodlust
in this life of nothing, he longs for something
more than what's given, his dreams unspoken
has reality drifted? the self best uncharted
while the map completed these souls lack of a much greater companion

Chart the map of human corruption

the cries of nature forever (silenced)
Mother Earth's bearing seeds left to wither
The wise remain hushed while the foolish reign
Blood of the saviors are replaced with massacre's gain

lives once plentiful - in chains and ruin
souls that prospered - crucify and take his life away
Track Name: Anti Brony Br00tality
Take another look around you
Everything is ending So get off your fucking phones
Trust me, your status can wait
It's time to face the master race

Bronies (bronies everywhere)
Celestia for president 2019
You might not agree
But it's better...than a fucking wall

I ain't leavin' the fandom
(fuck you though)
Track Name: Oceans of Diversity
Fragile hearts seek unplanted ground
slowly but surely overgrowth by the pound
pastures of plenty - the fools desire
slowly but surely engulfed by the demon's fire
these words tell of a simple principle
yet overtime brought forth the lion's horns
confusion swept our promised land
If God is with us, has he no right to

right to stand

An ocean formed - wise from the fools
How would they know He used the right tool?

Diversity to insanity
Rid of the rivers that reek of morality
obedience to repugnance
Creator of all, you fucking tyrant

Track Name: Clockwise
In a world crafted with man's distorted ripples
The sea remains the clearest mirror

suddenly at peace when cities tremble
As my eyes - mesmerized - when your stars gather

with the motion of your arm - obedient cosmos
The sky overtakes the burdens I once held firm
These words you proclaim before the ghosts
May the dead reap rest beyond their hosts

The stars coward behind the blistering moon
Will they ever find a safe place to shine again? (clockwise)
The world that they once loved
Will they ever find a safe place to glow again

glow again