Return to Br00tality

by Crashie Tunez



Well, Br00tality is back!
This collection of songs however takes on a more emotional journey. From personal experiences with religious torment and thoughts of suicide, to finally finding a resting place in the arms of the Beholder.

- Crashie Tunez


released November 25, 2016



all rights reserved


Crashie Tunez Queen Creek, Arizona

Taking Nintendocore/Cybergrind Music to a whole other level!
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Track Name: Virus.exe
lost in an endless void of rotten minds
my existence is wearing thin by this twisted timeline

spiraling (feelings of hate)
taking shape as we await

Track Name: Circuit Breaker
slowly melting - never forgeting
the tormented cries - quickly run for your life
a monster of pure destruction I have become
don't turn and fear me, my love - we're no longer one

with the universe

surprise surprise! my circuits corrupting
the venom inhales what i've been missing
the sweet sensation - this feeling of pure domination

look into my eyes for i'll make you forever mine

i'll make you forever MINE!
Track Name: A Monster Like Me
Behold the outcast before us
a tortured soul whom we've denied belief
forced to dwell among the plentiful
will he ever quench the thirst he's been searching for?

laying alone in silence's cell
almost feels like eternity in Hell
slowly I lack of sanity
unsure of the phrase, "destiny"

this life i lead, not a blessing nor a curse
the work of these hooves mark my course
awaiting punishment, poverty and grief
for who could ever love a monster like me?

for who could ever love a monster like me?

do what you can to stay away
will i be able to live another day?
a thousand whispers preaching my end
if I was truly your mistake, then God Almighty strike me

someone save me
someone save me
someone save me from this hell i'm in
Track Name: Damage Done
throughout this lifetime
every step I traveled through these unknown lands
inside my fragile mind
throughout my lifetime
every step I traveled through unknown lands
inside my fragile mind

could this be the plan you had for me?
will I finally withhold the signs you set for me?
could this be the plan you had for me?
will I finally withhold the signs you set before me?

so far the same routine
eat, sleep, work, forget your dreams
but life is much more

heed my decree and set yourselves free

after all you've wasted enough time
kiss these fake smiles goodbye
Track Name: Forced Behind the Wall
If only I could find away to go back
to a time before I felt open for attack
unfortunately my fate's becoming clear
no time for these games - fucking get out of here

so what else is there for me to accomplish?
I've fixed all of these scars that forever distinguish me
Celeatia set this angel free

I fear these voices call for one specific reason :
you are an eternal prisoner - zero connection
At night I look towards her stars for answers
yet these burdens I carry stain me (stain me eight-fold)

These walls that separate me from this world
they tore it down - they tore it down
now I'm left with this fragile heart that utters no words
help me before I drown
don't let them beat me down

welcome to my nightmare
Track Name: Forsaken Moon
Sickness through her bloodshot eyes
"let thy kingdom fear your disguise
listen to the darkness creep from below
slow but surely it'll swallow you whole!"

thy rein of false intentions
a heart of stone that reeks corruption
truly a face of beauty - yet obliterates purity
yet obliterates purity

another life you have taken away
and another race to fool and lead astray

nowhere to run (not a place to hide)
soon dear sister (you'll feel broken inside)

Forbidden to shine - I am the Forsaken Moon
Heed this prophecy of doom
I've been an outcast beyond millennium
this darkness shall forever become our emblem