Horrors Reborn

by Crashie Tunez

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NOTE : for any bronies who find this, take this with a grain of salt.

Horrors Reborn is not just another brony release, at least to me.
Allow me to explain
Throughout my years in the fandom, I've seen both the good and the bad. And no, i'm not talking about clop. Some bronies are very down to earth and down for anything and stick with you forever, then there's the ones who claim to be your "friend" yet don't tell you exactly what is troubling them.
In all, i've come to the conclusion that the fandom is dishonest, clueless of their stupidity, and don't follow what the show teaches most of the time. This is where the idea of this album came about

That's not to say that the whole fandom is like this, but the interactions I've encountered were a mix of awful and heartbreaking.

Art by Miles Kennedy! <3 twitter.com/FluffyZombi Follow her on Twitter, she really needs ya'll to support her!


released March 11, 2017

Art by Miles Kennedy!



all rights reserved


Crashie Tunez Queen Creek, Arizona

Taking Nintendocore/Cybergrind Music to a whole other level!
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Track Name: Piles of Moral Disgust
Countless bodies lie (unidentified)
The streets paved with blood (in conquest)
Nothing has changed (since the day)
The day this crown of horns took it all away

freedom becomes twisted, out of reach
Their screams of anguish remain hushed and weak
"Best kept secret" the tyrant suggests
while behind the curtain, the truth be submersed

chained to the walls they submit to torture
feasting upon limbs of killings before
trials of masturbation, removal of the clit
beauty in the eyes of evil, prepare to slit!
Track Name: Marehood Massacre
mind regrets not
these bodies left to rot
numbness of the soul
this wretched spell demands control
I've heard my loved ones scream (for mercy)
as they hang upon ropes carved from their serum

you won't be able to get away so easily
I've dismembered your limbs
as sacrifice to the keeper of dismay
you shall be stripped of your skin

no pony left unskinned
no mare left unfucked
not another sound, this is your end
no remorse flows, only the demon's demands

you cry for mercy - mouth sewn shut
you gaze into these eyes - while the angels rot
submission needed in order to satisfy
this being whom takes control
you'll be sealed away
Track Name: Underneath the Moon [Single version]
moon of misfortune - the true authority
moon of misfortune - led her own reality
moon of misfortune - accept this cruel fate
moon of misfortune - her wrath caused your state

born in reality, raised on self
so simple yet so careless
while you watched her glory overshadow your own
you dare to ignore
the demon crept, the demon craved for more

now that you're all mine
i'll be in control of your story
i'll set the stage

so simple, so careless
you'll be the puppet, helpless and weak

Track Name: Dissection of One [Single version]
let the party begin, now isn't this fun?~

Driven to insanity, committing deeds of brutality
i, the one whom you've failed to seal away

I must not hesitate on this cold winter night

I have risen from the ashes
to reincarnate torment amongst the masses

You'll never see me as i hide behind my mask
an unknown faceless killer, master at her craft
Because the only thing my slaughter leaves behind
mutilated remains

with this knife I change your life

soon this will be a party of one
as soon as I lock the door, no where to run
now isn't this fun?
fear my presence